Ways You Can Save Your Energy Costs this Spring

Ways You Can Save Your Energy Costs this Spring

Spring season is one of the more opportune times to save energy and cut down your electricity bills because of the mild weather and natural ventilation it will tend to bring.

Thus, as your trusted provider of electrical services in New Orleans, Louisiana, we are listing down GalCan Electric & General Contracting, LLC the ways you can save energy and money this Spring.

  • Open your windows
  • This allows air to circulate throughout the house, giving you a natural cooling effect.
  • Allow the natural light into your home
  • Switch off the lights you would naturally turn on, instead, open your windows and skylights, whichever is available, to naturally brighten your home.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of your AC
  • In general, moving air will feel cooler on your skin so you don’t need to raise your thermostat to the usual temperature you work with.
  • Replace your bulbs with energy-saving ones
  • You do not have to replace every light in your home, just five of those you use the most can already save you at least $45 a year, according to the US Department of Energy.
  • Repair light fixtures
  • Except if the problem is total electrical installation or rewiring, it is better to repair your light fixtures than replace them as letting your broken light fixtures remain broken wastes energy.

We hope the above list helped you! Should you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are a provider of general contracting in Louisiana specializing in residential and commercial properties.

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