The Advantages of Switching to Solar Power

The Advantages of Switching to Solar Power

If you have been meaning to find a more lasting solution to cut down your energy costs rather than just relying on the usual energy-saving measures such as using natural light or unplugging unused electronics, you would be glad to know that among your exciting options is by harnessing the power of the sun through solar panels.

As a provider of electrical services in New Orleans, Louisiana, solar panel installation is among the services we regularly provide our clients at GalCan Electric & General Contracting, LLC.

And for good reason—aside from being electric bill-friendly, by investing in the cleanest renewable energy source available today, you are adding value to your home in the following ways:

  • Solar power drastically reduces or eliminates your energy bills

    Depending on where you live, switching to solar power can reduce or eliminate your energy bill. That said, even when you live somewhere cloudy, your solar panels will still work, just with less efficiency (around 10-20%) than on a sunny day.

  • Solar power is free and switching to it can earn you perks

    What you pay for when using solar power are the solar panels to generate it, the inverters to turn it into AC, the other equipment to run it efficiently, and your fees on electrical and general contracting in Louisiana—so yes, solar energy is technically free.

    The best part is that you can earn solar incentives from the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) depending on your State.

  • Solar power is sustainable

    Switching to solar power yields no greenhouse gas emissions, reducing both your household’s carbon footprint and the collective dependence on fossil fuels. It also doesn’t use water to run or cool down, saving this precious resource for future generations.

Does this sound like a switch you could get by? Don’t hesitate, enlist our solar energy and electrical installation services today!

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