How Many Outlets Can I Wire to the Same Circuit?


A common issue that many DIY homemakers who forgo professional Electrical Services in New Orleans, Louisiana is overloading their circuits with too many outlets. This can happen when you have too many appliances on the same circuit or when there’s a power surge and you don’t have a surge protector.

The National Electrical Code’s guidelines don’t specify a limit to the number of outlets you can install on a single circuit. Therefore, the best way you can identify the appropriate number of outlets you can install in a circuit is to consider what you will use those outlets for.

For instance, large, power-intensive appliances like water heaters and dryers require much more wattage than lightbulbs or computers.

Planning the number of you’ll need to be plugged in and how much power they will require can help keep your circuits from constantly tripping in your home.

If you’re unsure how to plan your outlet wirings, enlisting the help of professional General Contracting in Louisiana can help you make the best out of your situation.

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